About Boruto Manga Chapter 16: Boruto’s Battle Against Naruto!

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Most likely, the story in the manga Boruto chapter 16 will also be adapted to anime later, after Kinshiki and Momoshiki flow ends. So if you’re just watching anime, the content below contains potential spoilers for the upcoming stream.


#1 Kara Group

Remember the Kara group? This mysterious organization was previously caught by Corpse Clone Shojoji was researching a number of symbols. Including the symbol that now appears in the arms of Boruto and later appears in the Kawaki’s arm.

In this chapter, Kara’s leader tells them that they lost something called a “container.” Whatever the container, Kara did not secure it easily. Members of the organization’s women say that the container can buy one country.

No, the container in question here has nothing to do with Shojoji or Boruto. It was taken by air transport and fell in Hi no Kuni (Konoha’s country). Obviously, although Kara’s initial conflict was not related to Konoha, this would be the beginning of a clash between this organization and Naruto.

One of Kara’s members, the grandfather, mentioned about the figure named Amado. Obviously, it is not known who Amado is. But from the way the Kara members talk about it in this chapter, it seems that Amado is their main boss.

#2 Who exactly is Kashinkoji?

Among all Kara members, Kashinkoji is the most attention-grabbing. After the meeting, he immediately killed his own partner, the oldest member’s grandfather in the meeting.

Then what makes him even more mysterious is his monologue above. Kashinkoji said that his destiny seemed to be bound to Konoha.

The problem: who is he? Is he one of the Root members, like the father of Sumire Kakei? Or is he an old character who is now back in the new organization with a new face?

Whoever he is, Kashinkoji will try to secure Kara’s container from the territory of Konoha. So you can be sure that in the near future you will get a clearer picture of who it is, what jutsu he controls, and how strong he is.

#3 Naruto So Stronger?

The relationship of Boruto and Naruto have improved after the father-son Rasengan duet they did to overcome Momoshiki. But as a ninja, Naruto apparently did not hesitate to duel with his own son. To train a match, of course, not a serious fight.

What is interesting is that in this duel Naruto demonstrates a new technique. He was able to absorb Boruto’s jutsu, so that Boruto had no gap to attack his own father.

With such ability, it is clear that Boruto can not defeat his father.

So, how can Naruto master this technique of jutsu absorbing? The explanation is pretty cool.

It turns out Naruto has upgraded his fake hands. Not only that, the hand that he uses is based on the techniques owned by Momoshiki. In the groove of Sarada, Naruto who eventually worked as Hokage may blunt his fighting instincts. But now he is equipped with more dangerous skills than ever before.

The hand itself is still a prototype. Naruto can not release the jutsu that he absorbs. But still, with skills like this Naruto will be more difficult to beat.

#4 Konohamaru In Danger?

Since the hot air balloon carrying Kara’s container falls in the Konoha area, it is not surprising that one of the village’s first shinobi found it. Konohamaru is a shinobi in charge of observing him.

There, Konohamaru discovers that no one survived the fall of the balloon. But inside there was an empty storage chest. The contents seemed to have been taken earlier. Or … is it possible that the contents of the trunk are already out first?

What if the contents of the box are Kawaki?

Because Kawaki is still mysterious, Navers around the world suspect many figures as this figure. Even Denki and Iwabe alone were suspected as Kawaki.

But this situation is more suspicious. You see this: Kara never delivered what container they meant. This container may not be an object, but a man of great strength. Moreover, the form of the above crate has a size that fits to accommodate humans.

Naruto can be called a container because there Kurama is sealed inside his body. So the container in question Kara is between storing such a force or a candidate to be possessed by a tremendous power.

Previously it was revealed that Kara was investigating a strange symbol, including what is now owned by Boruto and later owned Kawaki. So they could have found Kawaki, who had the symbol, and wanted to take it to be an experiment.

Then the plane crashed, and now their mysterious container escapes.

Konohamaru himself is in serious trouble. There is a figure approaching him. This figure is probably Kashinkoji. It’s just the shoes that this figure uses differently than the slippers Kashinkoji used when attending Kara meetings.

Interestingly, try to read the promise on the last page of the manga Boruto 16 above. There will be someone who appears before Konohamaru and Boruto. From the dialogue of Boruto and Kawaki, there are strong indications that they have known for a long time before they fight all-out as a teenager.

It could be interesting. Let’s look forward to who will figure in the manga of Boruto chapter 17 next month.

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