About Attack on Titan 97: Eren Already Sneaking into Marley?

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Discussion Attack on Titan 97 contains spoilers. So it is recommended that you read first before continuing to complete this review to completion.

If you do not mind spoilers or have read the chapter, of course there is no problem.


#1 Reiner Almost Suicide

Reiner’s life is full of sham. He was elected Armored Titan because Marcel Galliard vilified his own brother Porco. He then seemed to adopt a persona full of authority and confidence of the deceased Marcel, both in bringing themselves in front of the Cadets Training Corps and in front of Bertolt and Annie.

He then emerged as a supportive mentor, even for Eren’s ambition to kill all Titans. (Including Armored and Colossal, who used to be the mastermind of the destruction of the Wall Maria). Annie accuses Reiner of being too friendly with Eren and friends. Reiner denied, but in fact he was too close to fellow members of Training Corps.

Reiner’s body may be as hard as steel as the Armored Titan. But he still has the condition of the human soul. At Attack on Titan 97 he did not even bother to wait for Eren’s revenge attempt or get taken away by the Military Police for conveying his doubts about “The Devil of Paradis Island.” He had filled the rifle to kill himself.

If Reiner dies, the Armored Titan power will move randomly to an Eldia baby anywhere in the world. In the end, he discouraged because he wanted to pass this power on to Falco.

#2 Eren?!

Speaking of Falco, he visited the hospital for war veterans at Attack on Titan 97. There he encountered a very suspicious figure: a handicapped man who turned out to be very similar to Eren Yeager!

The obvious face of the “veteran of war” clearly gives a new twist to the plot. Initially, I (and maybe you as an Attack on Titan fan) thought that this Marley plot would lead to a massive invasion of Paradis Island. Marley will come by plane, soldier, artillery, and all the weapons they can carry. Also all the Titans they have, including Warhammer Titan.

Then Eren, Armin, and maybe Annie or anyone who inherits the power of Female Titan, will face them. In such a defensive scenario, Paradis Island will certainly lose many soldiers.

But if this figure really is Eren, then Paradis decided to change strategy. They come first to Marley and are ready to strike first, when needed. The mysterious figure above also seems no longer naive. From his words to Falco, he knows what happened at Marley. Let’s see if it will affect his actions.

#3 What Is The Meaning Of This Letter?

Eren-like figure is more mysterious because his name is Kruger. If you forget, Eren Kruger is the owner of Assault Titan before Grisha Yeager, Eren’s own father. Therefore Eren will have a memory of Eren Kruger as well.

Later, Eren took advantage of Falco’s sympathy for the boy to send a postal message to someone. Is this … does that mean there’s been a tough Paradis Island fighter who goes to Marley? This is not the first time Levi, Mikasa, and Hange have been involved in infiltration missions. They’ve already dropped a government with this tactic before. Could they be using their experience again here?

Eren also had the right momentum for a sudden assault.

#4 The face of Warhammer Titan

Willie Taybar, head of the Taybar Family, shows himself at Attack on Titan 97. He also reveals to Captain Magath that he is the current Warhammer Titan.

Willie intends to reveal much to the Marleys when he talks with Magath. Magath seemed to hesitate to accept Willie’s handshake, but since Willie was supposed to be Warhammer Titan, and this man was the shadow behind Marley’s power, he could not really do much.

Previously, it was promised that the Taybar family would make a raid declaration to Paradis Island. If Eren is right there in Marley, as Eren Kruger, then this declaration could lead to a bloody conflict. The question is: if Warhammer, Beast, Cartman, Armored, and Jaw Titan have to fight with Assault Titan, Colossal Titan, and maybe Female Titan in the middle of the heat … who will win?

What did Eren want then? Was Willie Taybar’s murder? Action of terror? It seems we should wait for the next chapter to find out the answer. This could be very interesting.

Below is also interesting!

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