9 Interesting Facts About Law

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Many cool characters in One Piece have been introduced, one of which is Trafalgar D. Water Law which is one of the supernovae and also the former Shichibukai. Law which is the favorite character outside the Straw Hat Pirates group is currently allied with Luffy to subvert one of yonkou, Kaido. Here are the facts about Law that are interesting to know:

#1 Youngest Shichibukai

The first interesting fact about Law is his young age when he earned the title as Shichibukai. Shichibukai is a pirate recognized by the government and employed by the world government. As the name implies, the shichibukai consists of seven veteran pirates and has an influence in the world of One Piece. They shichibukai will not be attacked by the navy as long as they obey what the world government orders.

Shichibukai members have a diverse age, but most of them are over 30 years old. Only one shichibukai has below that age, he is Trafalgar D. Water Law. Law is the youngest member of the shichibukai with a 26-year-old, though now he has come out after allying with Luffy.

#2 Date of Birth Same with Tashigi and Bartolomeo

Another interesting fact about Law is the date of birth. The characters in One Piece have their respective dates of birth, even among them having the same birth date, as well as Law. Trafalgar Law was born on October 6th. The date of birth is the same as Tashigi and Bartolomeo and only ages that distinguishes the three of them.

#3 Only known survivor of Amber Lead Syndrome or White Blood Poison

White blood poison or amber lead disease is one of the deadliest diseases in the world of One Piece. The little law infected with this deadly disease has been convicted of dying before he grows up. The disease has also claimed the lives of his younger sister, Lami, who was burning when the hospital where she was treated was burned.

His hatred for the world made Law enter the Donquixote crew. Knowing of his age that he soon wanted to destroy everything as much as he could. But all that changed when he met with Corazon.

Corazon who had this excellent heart went with Law to heal the illness that Law suffered. Until finally their last goal is the fruit Ope Ope no Mi is believed to cure all diseases.

Corazon also risked his life to steal the fruit and give it to Law. Now Law has recovered from amber lead disease thanks to his Ope Ope no Mi fruit, but unfortunately Corazon had to die while helping Law.

#4 His Pirate Coat Inspired by Corazon’s Smile

If you look at it, the symbol of Law’s lawless pirates is very similar to Doflamingo. Why did he put up a symbol resembling the one he most hated? Apparently the reason why he wore the symbol is because the symbol is very similar to Corazon’s smile just before he died. This is why Law has the same smile symbol as Doflamingo’s.

#5 Higher than Luffy

The height of each character is different, some have a height almost as high as the sky and there is also a small size like fairies. The elbaf have a very different height from normal human beings, they belong to the giants in the One Piece world, whereas for ordinary people in One Piece only has a height of up to 3-4 meters. For Trafalgar Law itself has a height of 191 cm or 6.3″. High Trafalgar Law and Luffy differ only 17 cm only.

#6 Owner of Ope Ope Fruit

As we know, Ope Ope no Mi is a rare fruit and also very valuable. Many people want this fruit but only in using this fruit is required to have the knowledge of medicine in order to use its maximum strength.

Since Law got this fruit, he managed to cure his amber lead disease even though the disease is very difficult to cure. Law can also unite the bodies of other beings into the human body. This can be seen in the Punk Hazard arc there are many humans who have an animal body and all of it is a creation from Law.

#7 He is called the Surgeon of Death

As a doctor and also a pirate, Law earned the nickname of surgeon of death or “Shi no Gekai”. Why could he get such a nickname? Law that has the power of ope ope no mi can make the operating room very easily, just by saying the “room” then the operating room has become.

The enemies in Law’s room can be easily cut off by his sword. The trapped enemies will not experience pain or bleeding, they are still aware when cut into small pieces. Law can even combine limbs from one person to another very easily. This is why he is referred to as the surgeon of death.

#8 Sending 100 Hearts of Pirates

At first Law was known as one of 11 supernovas, but after many timeskip things have happened and one of them is made Trafalgar Law as shichibukai. Well, the fact about Law this time is how he became Shichibukai.

If Kurohige had to catch Ace to become a Shichibukai then how would Law be a Shichibukai? Trafalgar Law, who at that time was known to the world as a surgeon of deathr, made an agreement with the world government to bring 100 hearts of pirates and instead he wanted to get a place in the shichibukai.

#9 First Time to Meet Luffy at the Auction

By the time Luffy arrived on Sabaody island, simultaneously 11 other supernovae had also been on the island. Luffy who was with Keimi was having fun at a Sabaody island amusement park. It was then, one of the bounty hunters learned that Keimi was a mermaid and kidnapped her. The kidnapped Keimi was taken to auction site at Mangrove 1. That’s where Law and Luffy meet for the first time.

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